The Farm


Il Castagneto (“Chestsnut Wood”) farm is located in Castel del Rio, a village of the high Santerno Valley in Romagna, few kilometres far from the Tuscan border.

These lands hold ancient chestnut woods. Due to the peculiar micro-climate conditions chestnut trees are extremely long-living, they can actually outlive 400 hundred years and their fruits, the Marrons, mark out for their daintiness and unicity.

The farm chestnut woods are sited on the Vinco, Virla and Firola territories in Castel del Rio. The fruit can be freshly sold or used for the making of jams, syrupped marrons or flour; in any case it is exclusively the fruit produced by those chestnut woods, which are self-cultivated according to the organic cultivation rules of European standards (CEE 2092/91).

The farm is a member of the Consorzio Castanicoltori di Castel del Rio            .

It is possibile to visit the farm through guided tours, which have to be booked in advance. Walking through the secular chestnut trees and the younger ones it will be possible to enjoy the habitat and the panorama of the woods sited between about 200 and 1000 metres above the sea.

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